Addiction Intervention Mentor: Sam Davis Inspired Me to Become An Addiction Interventionist

Marc Kantor discussion about why he became an interventionist while performing an intervention of a friend with an interventionist Sam Davis.

After helping perform an intervention with Sam Davis. Sam was Marc Kantor's mentor who inspired him to become an interventionist to help addicts transition to living a healthy life.

Marc Kantor worked with Sam Davis to provide an intervention on a friend. During this process, Marc realized that becoming an interventionist was his calling. Helping families guide their loved one through the addiction treatment process to living a healthy lifestyle is an honor.

Sam Davis says, "It is so rewarding to be on the receiving end of a phone call from a family concerned and looking for help for their loved one. From my own experience and the experience of my family, I’m well aware of the amount of fear that had to be faced and overcome to even make the call to a professional. I’m aware of the depth and weight of the pain and fear in a family member when the realization hits that what the family has been doing up until this point hasn’t been working and that to continue on, as is, is no longer an option."

It is frustrating to research websites of therapists and treatment facilities to choose the right one for your addicted child, alcoholic husband, or drug using spouse to come back. It is scary to lose a loved one to the disease of addiction, it is a disease that consumes the family. Marc and Sam are aware of these things because they have the empathetic perspective of being on both sides.

Both Marc and Sam and interventionists were addicts that tore their family apart at its core. In and out of rehab institutions, addiction's effect on their child's life, and their parents' bank accounts supporting saving each respective life. Addiction is a family disease that requires family support and help of a professional interventionist. Marc Kantor and Sam Davis are sober today. Interventionists with a past life of addiction understand the emotions and often denial that my other family members experienced while dealing with the loved one suffering from addiction.