Introduction to Sobriety

Introduction to Sobriety is an intensive one-on-one program designed to introduce the client to the life-changing benefits of sobriety and a healthy lifestyle. Each program is specifically personalized and designed to meet the needs of each specific individual.   

The program is delivered over five days, in a setting selected by the client, such as their home or a hotel of their choosing. This provides access to the amenities and needs of an addict. Upscale hotels in metropolitan locations are ideal, because of their proximity to 12-step meetings, fitness centers and food choices.  

Each program segment is designed to meet the needs of the individual who desires change, but is prevented by circumstances of immediately committing to longer term inpatient drug and alcohol treatment.

A day in Introduction to Sobriety involves activities designed to strengthen the client’s body, mind and spiritual being. A typical day may include random drug and alcohol-testing along with the following events:

7:00 am | AA/NA/OA Meeting

8:30 am | Healthy breakfast

9:30 am | Professional Time

10:30 am | Introduction to Sobriety

12:00 pm | Healthy Lunch

1:00 pm | Personal Time

2:00 pm | Writing Assignment and Discussion

3:30 pm | Focus on Fitness: Gym or Hiking

5:30 pm | Healthy Choice Dinner

7:30 pm | AA/NA/OA Meeting

8:45 pm | Evening discussion and debrief

10:00 pm | Bedtime

Introduction to Sobriety is not a free pass or invitation to "check the box" of addiction recovery. During the five-day segment clients are challenged to break free from their current lifestyle choices and unhealthy patterns, which contribute to their addictions and unhappiness.

Throughout this time clients will engage in ongoing discussions about changes they’ll make going forward and begin considering next steps. These discussions take place around establishing the client’s goals and the actions needed to accomplish them.  

Clients with acute alcoholism or drug addiction will be required to complete a medically supervised detoxification prior to beginning this Treatment Alternative. Arrangements may be made for eligible clients to detox at home or hotel under the supervision of a qualified third-party medical professional. 

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Marc Kantor has maintained a one-hundred pound weight loss beginning in 2005 and has been abstinent from refined sugar since 2014. His philosophy of recovery is centered on the mind-body connection. Read about Marc's journey to sobriety.