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My Story - Freedom from Addiction

A little about myself; in 2004 I was that person in peril, and my family had tried everything to get me to stop drinking and using. By the time I sought treatment, my wife had gone through an exhausting two years of trying to fix me. Our marriage had been all but destroyed by my addiction to prescription pills and nightly drinking. I did things under the influence that I would never do sober. She had already consulted a divorce attorney the previous summer and had completely given up on our relationship. It was on my daughter’s second birthday when the last straw had broken the camel’s back. The next day she called my parents to tell them I was a drug addict and she was leaving me.        

Upon the advice of a friend familiar with addiction and recovery, my parents offered for me to either go to inpatient treatment or face the consequences of my behavior alone. What choices did I have; none really, my life was dark and empty compared to a couple of years earlier. Deep within myself, I knew if I continued in my addictions, I wouldn’t make it see my daughter’s third birthday.

When I arrived at the inpatient treatment center at Hazelden Betty Ford, I had no conception of a solution, or my ability to live without drugs and alcohol. The idea my family could be restored to its former happiness felt impossible, but that’s exactly what happened. In treatment, I struggled to change, but I was also relieved because I no longer had to pretend everything is fine. Living a double life is an exhausting job. By the time I celebrated my first anniversary of sobriety, my life bared little resemblance of the person I was just twelve months before. 


Professional Biography

Capitol Intervention was founded in 2014 by Marc Kantor following a sixteen-year career in commercial real estate in Washington, D.C.  In 2015 he received the designation of Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), has served on the national boards of Active Minds and CrisisLink, and has been trained in crisis and suicide prevention. In 2018, Marc Kantor created South Florida Intervention and resides in Boca Raton with his wife of 20 years and their teenage daughter.


About Marc Kantor

Marc Kantor was raised on Long Island and graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview, New York. He attended college at American University in Washington, D.C. where he lived for 22 years practicing commercial real estate. He completed in-patient treatment in 2004 for drug addiction and alcoholism at the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, California.

During his career in commercial real estate, Marc successfully completed over ten million square feet of transactions for multi-national corporations, the U.S. Government, and major real estate developers. He achieved recognition on several occasions as the Top Producer, Top Business Development Professional, and for the Largest Transaction.  

In 2013 he was trained as a professional addiction interventionist. Still focused on commercial real estate he could only commit a limited number of hours to leading interventions and helping other people. At the end of 2018, he officially ended his real estate career to find more meaning and a fulfilling existence as a full-time interventionist.

This past summer he relocated to South Florida with his wife of 20 years and their teenage daughter, where he shortly thereafter found South Florida Intervention, which offers exclusive solutions for families and organizations struggling with devastating effects of addiction.

According to Marc, he spent the last two years of his career tamping down a loud and nagging voice telling him he desperately needed to make certain changes. Succumbing to the voice is the best thing I ever did he says. It’s ridiculous to think I would ignore my soul and still be successful if I tried hard enough.

Marc has previously held Board of Directors positions for Active Minds, which provides mental health support for thousands of college students on over 500 individual campuses, and CrisisLink, the crisis and suicide prevention hotline for Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

In addition to working with families and professional organizations working to solve problems related to addiction, Marc Kantor is a frequent writer and public speaker.

Marc can be reached at (561) 961-4033 or via e-mail at You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram @helpforaddiction and on LinkedIn.

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"Our family is ever grateful to Marc Kantor for his intervention with my adult son, whose second relapse threatened us all. He worked with us to intervene on my son during a relapse, shortly after leaving his first inpatient treatment. At the crucial moment, Marc worked with our family and accompanied my son to Father Martins where he ultimately found sobriety. He has worked with my son in post-treatment to achieve long term sobriety."

- Rhona from Washington, D.C.