Delaying Treatment can be a Fatal Mistake! Time is Your Enemy!

Time is Your Enemy; Delaying treatment can be a fatal mistake! Addiction is a disease that is acute, progressive, and fatal if not treated. Regardless of the particulars, all addictions must always be treated expeditiously, but more severe cases need to be addressed immediately (within 24 hours).

Being the parent of an addicted child - it may be hard to conceive of your son or daughter leaving the hospital following a near-death experience only to repeat the same behavior. As an experienced professional, I see this kind of disordered thinking all the time.

There is no benefit in waiting to seek treatment for a person who has recently survived an overdose, near-fatal accident, or arrest for driving under the influence. Unnecessary delays only provide a second opportunity for the addict to have another overdose or car accident, which this time may be fatal.

Interventionists are experienced at quickly assessing an individual's needs and making educated treatment recommendations. An interventionist has the ability to complete an intervention very quickly when necessary.

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