From Medical School to Prison: How addiction nearly destroyed this doctor's life

From Medical School to Prison; Ronald Gibson, M.D., graduated with honors from the University of Texas, McGovern School of Medicine in 1990, and was living the American Dream when he separated his shoulder playing flag football in 1995, the same year he met his future wife. This injury led him to an orthopedist who prescribed Vicodin for the pain.
As a result, Dr. Gibson developed an addiction to opioids (painkillers). In a short time, his life started falling down around him. His addiction quickly grew to include, Xanax, Klonopin, Soma, and a host of other addictive substances.
In 2012, Dr. Gibson's wife filed for divorce, taking custody of their two young sons, after he was arrested for fraud while working with another doctor who was brokering Medicaid patients. Dr. Gibson spent three years in prison and then attended a year-long rehabilitation program.
Today, Dr. Gibson is 8 years sober and is rebuilding his life, addiction stole from him seemingly overnight.
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