Recovery Talk Welcomes Josh Cagney: Against All Odds

Marc Kantor and Recovery Talk welcome Josh Cagney who reinvented himself during a seven-year prison sentence and is now helping other people who suffer from addiction to do the same. Josh Cagney is the co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of New Paradigm Recovery, based in Tyson's Corner, VA,, an intensive outpatient treatment program. Josh holds a master's in psychology and is a Ph.D. candidate from the Chicago School of Professions Psychology.

Following a tragic automobile accident that killed a man visiting the U.S. and seriously injuring his wife, Josh Cagney was sentenced to seven years in prison for driving under the influence. This horrific occurrence marked the end of Josh's active addiction. Josh got sober while in prison by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and avoiding many dangerous pitfalls, including having a cellmate who was dealing drugs from their one hundred square foot prison cell.

After being released from prison, Josh pursued a master's degree in psychology and began working in the addiction recovery space. Today Josh leads a treatment program that often marks the first step for hundreds of people seeking sobriety every year. Josh is an example of a person who is taking his experience and using it to help other people to recover from addiction.

Josh Cagney may be reached at 703-214-5888 or by e-mail at For more information about helping someone you love recover from addiction, please visit or call 202-390-2273.