Recovery Talk welcomes Zach Snitzer, co-founder of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

Join us as Recovery Talk, and Marc Kantor welcomes Zach Snitzer, the co-founder of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, entrepreneur, and man in recovery.
In 2013, Zach Snitzer, along with his partner, Sam Bierman, started the Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, also known as MARC, with the idea of providing long-term recovery, which allows patients the opportunity to achieve a purpose-driven, high quality of life.
Like many people working in the recovery field, Zach's trajectory to becoming a treatment provider is marked by his own struggles to achieve sobriety. After bouncing in and out of treatment centers, and a series of relapses landed him in the hospital with serious injuries did life without addictive substances start to become a possibility for him.
After leaving the hospital, Zach returned to a treatment center where he was previously a patient and was told he required a higher level of care than they could provide.
Tune in and hear Zach's story of how he transformed himself from active addiction and chronic relapser to becoming one of the countries premier leaders in the treatment provider space.
For more information about helping someone, you love to recover from addiction, visit us at or call 202-390-2273. Follow us on social mediat @helpforaddiction. Maryland Addiction Recovery Center can be reached at 410-773-0500.