Recovery Talk with Alina Lodge Addiction Treatment Center's Executive Director Bill Robins

Alina Lodge was founded in 1957 by a woman recovering from alcoholism, named Geraldine Delaney, more often referred to as Mrs. D, who was well known for her brutal honesty and long term approach to treating addiction.
Mrs. D died in 1998 at the age of 91 and was praised by former first lady, Betty Ford for being ''a front-runner in the field of alcohol and drug treatment'' who had helped thousands of professional people.
Today Alina Lodge,, continues to uphold the traditions put in place by Mrs. D many years ago and is considered the gold standard for treating chronic relapse. Bill Robbins is the Executive Director of Alina Lodge and is charged with carrying the Lodge's methods forward while keeping the organization in pace with the times. This is Bill's story! 


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