Staying Sober Over the Summer

Summer is in full swing and for most people that means going to parties and drinking; here are 3 tips for staying sober over the Summer:

1.    Have a plan for staying sober; show-up late and leave the party early if you're uncomfortable around alcohol. Bring a sober friend or someone who is invested in your sobriety. Keep a non-alcoholic beverage in your hand at all times.

2.    Go to meetings; the Summer a great time to load up on meetings. Most 12-step clubs have an extended meeting schedule for holidays and host sober events like BBQ's throughout the summer. With the internet in the palm of your hand, there are no longer excuses of not finding a meeting.

3.    Don't go places where people are drinking; this is especially true if you're newly sober or feeling tentative. It's not worth the risk. If you're not comfortable in your sobriety, take every necessary precaution to avoid a relapse. Just know a relapse could cost you everything, including your life.

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