Conferences and Public Speaking

Marc Kantor is a gifted speaker who entertains and educates audiences by sharing his personal story of overcoming prescription drug, alcohol, and food addictions and is in long-term recovery from addiction.

Marc did and said things under the influence of drugs and alcohol he would never do sober. He was fired from his job as a commercial real estate broker for under performance and absenteeism. His marriage had been all but destroyed by poor choices. In fact, his wife consulted a divorce attorney and had completely given up on their relationship by their daughter’s second birthday when she had finally had enough. If it weren't for his wife, daughter and supportive family at that time intervening he strongly believes he would have never seen his daughter’s third birthday.

Entering treatment he weighed almost three-hundred pounds and was completely dependent on drugs. His story provides colorful insight into the addict mentality and how his ten-year run took him from promising young executive to the brink of disaster.

At conferences, events and other speaking opportunities Marc shares his journey, strategies and personal insights for breaking free from substance and food addiction to living a spiritual life of body, mind, and soul.

Marc Kantor is a professional addiction interventionist living in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife of 20 years and their teenage daughter.

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