Addiction Intervention Services

Guiding families through the intervention process is the keystone of South Florida Intervention's services. Intervening on a family member, friend or co-worker can take several non-confrontational forms. These are and should be a genuine act of love and kindness. Too many families are afraid to intervene on someone suffering from the disease of addiction, because they’re afraid of how the addict will respond to being challenged over their illness.



Planning an intervention for someone you care about because of their addiction to drugs or alcohol or mental illness is a life-saving decision. Our interventions are performed in a non-confrontational way which encourages the addicted person to accept treatment because they have been shown the possibility of positive change. 

Interventions involve a multi-step process intended to ensure the likelihood of a successful outcome and set the stage for lasting recovery. Some of these steps include:

  • Up to eight hours of pre-intervention education, including understanding addiction and the disease model, codependency and family systems, setting boundaries and implementing consequences for non-compliance, writing and presenting impact letters; 
  • Escorting the addicted individual to treatment anywhere in the contiguous 48 states, arranging COVID tests when required, and assisting them during admissions as permitted by the treatment provider; 
  • Six months of weekly case management, including weekly, or as needed, updates with the treatment team and designated family member(s);
  • Verification and explanation of insurance benefits, plus negotiating and reducing the cost of treatment when possible. Our clients typically save enough money to offset the cost of our services.
  • Provide guidance making treatment decisions which include facilitating telephone and video conferencing interviews with up to three carefully selected treatment providers;
  • Managing logistics associated with the intervention and treatment, such as air travel, ground transportation, and requirements for admissions;
  • Six (6) sessions with a professional parent/family coach at no additional cost. Additional coaching sessions may be purchased separately;

Unlimited participation in our weekly online family support group; every Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:00 pm EST

For more information about our intervention process and how it can help someone you care about recover from addiction, call or text us at 202-390-2273.


Recovery Coaching 

Recovery coaching is an effective way to support people struggling with an addiction, currently attending outpatient treatment, have completed treatment, or simply considering making positive changes in their lives. Recovery coaching focuses on the individual and provides support for them which is unique to their journey. This type of personal service allows us to help clients set and achieve their goals. 

Our coaching clients range from professionals and entrepreneurs to younger individuals who may not demonstrate their ability to be consistently productive. Recovery coaching is a collaborative model which sometimes includes working with a therapist, physician, personal trainer, spouse, life- partner, and other family members. 

For more information about recovery coaching and how it can help benefit someone you care about, call or text us at 202-390-2273

Case Management

Case management removes a lot of the stress of managing the treatment process. It includes regularly scheduled communication between the treatment team and family members, identifying the best treatment program based on someone's personal and medical history, arranging logistics, such as travel or arranging for COVID testing. 

Our case management services include six (6) sessions with a professional parent/family coach at no additional cost. Additional parent coaching sessions can be purchased separatelyUnlimited participation in our weekly online family support group; every Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:00 pm EST

For more information about case management service and how it can help decrease the stress of having someone you care about in treatment, call or text us at 202-390-2273

Sober Escort 

Letting someone you care about travel to treatment by themselves is potentially dangerous; using the services of a sober professional escort can help mitigate some of that liability. Some people can transport themselves to treatment because their addiction or mental illness is not so advanced or they are going into treatment of their own volition; however, this is not always the case. 

For some addicted people, just getting through the airport can be an impossible feat because of the many many restaurants and bars dotted around the terminal. Some may drink too much and be denied boarding or get arrested once the plane lands. If your loved one is addicted to harsher substances such, heroin, opioids, benzodiazepines, or anything that may be laced with fentanyl, sending them to treatment without a professional escort is even riskier because of the possibility of a fatal overdose. 

Our sober escort services reduce a lot of these risks and help ensure the person you care about arrives at treatment safely. Professional sober escorts can be used to help a person travel from treatment to sober living or to attend business meetings or celebrations where alcoholic beverages may be easily accessible.  

For more information about our sober escort services and how they can reduce the dangers of someone traveling alone, call or text us at 202-390-2273




Parent Coaching 

Every parent wants their children to be happy; however, they often enable the same behaviors they wish to end without realizing it. 

For example, a parent may want their college-age son to stop getting high and skipping classes, yet they continue giving him money and a car because they wrongly believe doing so makes him happy. 

If this reminds you of your relationship with your son or daughter, you are not alone. Parenting under these circumstances is difficult because it requires counterintuitive thinking. 

Our experienced parent coach works with parents who struggle to maintain healthy boundaries with their children aged fifteen to fifty.   

The skills you’ll acquire working with our parent coach will allow you to parent more effectively, aid in your child’s recovery from addiction or mental illness, and have greater enjoyment in your life.

For more information about how working with our parent coach can improve the quality of your life, call or text us at 202-390-2273.



Selecting the best treatment center for a person's individual needs is a significant factor in determining a successful outcome. Men and women who identify as LGTBQ may desire an environment specific to their lifestyle and a safe place for them to begin their recovery. 

While many rehab centers have some experience treating gay people and may even offer an LGBTQ tract, they may not be the most appropriate placement for your addicted family member.

A significant number of our clients identify as LGBTQ or people who are struggling with their sexual identity. As such, we have developed relationships with programs that are known for their work within the gay community. 

These programs are sometimes known as "queer normative," which means gay clients are the norm and not the exception. Their goal is to remove as many barriers to recovery as possible.    

To learn more about queer normative and other specialized treatment programs, call or text us at 202-390-2273.


Failure to Launch 

Your son or daughter possesses all the qualities of a successful and independent young adult; they are intelligent, capable, and have a supportive network, yet they remain stuck in time while their peers advance. 

You are baffled by your child’s lack of motivation or that they seem incapable of holding down a job. Perhaps they complain of feeling depressed or having anxiety, which is why they are not working or continuing their education. 

They may be using pot, or other drugs they claim helps ease their anxiety. Whatever the case, you would do anything to help them, but you don’t know what.

The professionals at South Florida Intervention are experienced working with young adults who are struggling to flourish in their post-college life. 

We work with treatment programs that specialize in this demographic and are designed to help your son or daughter overcome their addiction or mental illness and provide valuable lessons in life skills they need to succeed in the real world.  

Your story is not unusual, and you are not alone. For more information about helping your son or daughter discover a new way of living, text or call us at 202-390-2273