Addiction Intervention Services


Guiding families through the intervention process is the cornerstone of South Florida Intervention's services. Intervening on a family member, friend or co-worker can take several non-confrontational forms and is indeed a genuine act of love and kindness. Too many families are afraid to intervene on someone suffering from the disease of addiction because they’re afraid of how the addict will respond to being challenged over their illness.

We encourage families to think about intervention as doing what is medically necessary, just as they would do if their child or parent were refusing treatment for diabetes or cancer. Some people do not believe addiction is a disease, and therefore dismiss this comparison, but the scientific facts are, addiction is acute, persistent and fatal if not treated.

Recovery Coaching

A recovery coach can help bridge the gap between leaving rehab and returning home. Re-entry into a patient's former responsibilities, such as school, work, relationship, and parenting can be a stressful shift from the safe confines of a rehab center to once again managing one's own life. 

Our recovery coaches intervene on your newly sober family member upon their return from rehab and help them become re-established through daily discussions on the phone or via video conferencing and in-person meetings. Having this accountability is an important step towards achieving long-term recovery.   

In-Person Meetings

These meetings help families unify individual goals and pre-plan for a successful intervention. They may also be used to reinforce healthy boundaries at any point during the treatment process or convey an important message to the addicted individual, such as the necessity of attending 12-step meetings. 

Treatment Guidance

Choosing the best rehab center before an intervention can be overwhelming and confusing; we can help you understand the different treatment options and make suggestions based on your families and the individual’s unique circumstances.  

Treatment Arrangements

Manage travel arrangements including airline tickets, ground transportation, and overnight accommodations when required.

Escort to Rehab

Getting an individual to treatment can be another difficult task; let our trained professionals escort your family member to their rehab program quickly and safely without additional stress. 

Post-Rehab Consultation

Post-rehab consultation may continue indefinitely following a successful treatment program. Our post-treatment services are available for both family members and recovering individuals.

Food and Sugar Addiction

An estimated 70 million Americans struggle with food and sugar addiction. Scientific research shows eating foods with high fat or sugary concentrations causes a chemical reaction similar to drinking alcohol or using drugs. A person who can not stop eating or has difficulty stopping may be suffering from the life-threatening disease of food addiction.

Corporate Services

Having an employee with a drug or alcohol addiction may cause economic damage and destroy your firm’s credibility quickly. Firing this employee after years of productive service and making a large investment into their career may not be the best solution. South Florida Intervention can help you identify the right treatment solution and help restore this person to being a valuable member of your team.