The Benefits of a Recovery Coach

Do you know what recovery coaches do? Unlike addiction therapists or counselors, they serve as a personalized guide on your recovery journey. You might wonder: If recovery coaching is not a kind of treatment, why would you need this service? 

Indeed, recovery coaches do not offer primary diagnosis or treatment, but they can be essential to your recovery support system. Many recovery coaches offer action-oriented plans to motivate you and connect you with the right resources, such as treatment, counseling, or therapy. So, whether you are struggling with active addiction or in recovery, these coaches can help you face some unique challenges at every turn of your journey towards wellness. 

A Client-Centered Partnership 

Recovery coaching is a kind of partnership model that centers around the client’s own needs and experiences. If you work with a recovery coach, you are the expert on your recovery issue because you are the person who knows yourself the best. What a recovery coach does is help you reach clarity in decision-making. 

This does not mean that recovery coaching requires no expertise. The coach needs to be an expert in asking questions, discerning patterns, offering suggestions, and matching resources. Their role is to help you make sense of your conditions before searching for treatment options. 

This client-centered partnership is founded on respecting a client’s values and agency. Even those who are struggling with active addiction are granted the potential to explore change. This also gives accountability to the client. The coach needs to help a recovering individual stay on track to achieve sustainable recovery. 

A Trustworthy Guide to Rely On

If you seek sobriety, this decision is celebratory, but it also puts you in a vulnerable position. First, you might not be physically or mentally stable enough to be your own advocate. Second, there is a kind of asymmetry of power between you and health professionals. Lastly, because recovery is a long-term process, you might face various challenges at different stages. 

Therefore, you need a trustworthy companion to walk alongside you in multiple points of decision-making. This person needs to be well-connected and needs to know how to navigate the entire process. 

One advantage of using a recovery coach is this person’s high level of availability. Health professionals who work with your diagnosis and treatment might not be available whenever you need their help. On the other hand, a recovery coach may provide you with more personalized services, such as being a sober escort or sober companion when you feel especially triggered by cravings. 

The coach acts as an additional layer of accountability for you so that you do not relapse. Some recovery coaches have been on this journey before, and they can empathize with your needs and become a vital form of peer support.

The Importance of Family Recovery Coaching

Some recovery coaches also help guide a family involved in a loved one’s treatment and recovery process. Traditional models of addiction recovery usually involve the family at a minimum. Still, family recovery coaching can help create a calm and non-judgmental environment for the entire family to work through some emotional problems at home. 

This is an area that is critical for parents with addictive teens or young adults who can benefit from parent coaching. Recovery coaches have strategies to help the whole family cope with the changes that they have gone through while living with and supporting a recovering individual. 

Family recovery coaching also applies to married couples or other intimate relationships. Suppose you have a spouse, a partner, or a loved one struggling with addiction, which has significantly affected your relationships. In that case, working with a family recovery coach might be a good option. Although a recovery coach is a non-clinical individual, they are experienced in dealing with similar cases, and that knowledge and expertise can be life-saving to your situation.

Personalized, Tailor-Made Services 

Since the recovery coaching model is a client-centered partnership, it allows flexibility regarding what kind of services are needed and how frequent they can be. The coaching can be done either in face-to-face meetings or through the phone. Today, many recovery coaching services are also available virtually. 

A well-connected and resourceful recovery coach can connect you with the most suitable treatment centers, counselors, and therapists in the area who can best serve your needs. That matching process requires a lot of expertise. Recovery coaches can also be helpful in the aftercare of recovering individuals. They are the go-to person during any part of your journey towards long-term recovery.

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